25 ноября, 2014

Ритейл будущего: как повысить эффективность работы розничной сети

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Conference program

Section 1: Developing strategy and prospects of retail

  • Retail as a perspective segment of Russian economics. Geopolitical consequences for the development of retail market and economics in Russia.

  • Retail development strategy: international practice and perspectives of the retail industry in Russia.

  • Consumer in the new circumstances: what has been changing in the consumer's behavior, how to consider these factors in retailer's strategy.

Section 2: New technologies in marketing, finance and business-processes

  • New technologies in retail management: which processes could be automated and why, how to measure efficiency of inside business-indexes.

  • Change of the credit politics and risk-management system of banks.

  • Nonstandard loyalty programs: what works in retail, how technologies influence on loyalty programs.

  • How to search new opportunities for growth in circumstances of saturated market.

  • E-commerce: online and offline synergy.

  • Different communication channels – mobile marketing, telephones, Internet, direct-mail etc – what to choose, how to combine and get the result.

  • Why is retail not just 'tradesmen'? The role of private label in retail. How to make new products.

  • Which new technologies work in modern stores for customer attraction? Visual merchandising, aroma-marketing, audio-marketing, lighting.

  • Section 3: Human capital management
  • Innovations as a foundation of strategy implementation of sustainable development of personnel. Decrease of employee turnover. Creation of personnel reserve.

  • The role of a seller: cannot be underestimated. From a seller to a consultant, fashion-seller.

  • Systems of manager's motivation: performance indicators, industrious KPI, training.